Today, I bring you the CAO ItaliaCiao.”  I had received this cigar over a year ago and was looking for the right time to smoke it. I chose this time to smoke it in honor of a great women who touched my life in so many ways. She will truly be missed!


WRAPPER: Honduran

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Peruvian / Italian

Length/Ring: 5 X 56

Shape: Robusto “Ciao”

Strength: Medium to Full



Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

6 thoughts on “CAO ITALIA “CIAO”

  1. Nice review and even better ‘Respect’Rant’ You are absolutely correct about the lack of respect and insane need for immediate self-gratification. Again I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

  2. I love you man, that was an intense political ramble, and it’s completely true. It’s very reassuring to see that there are still thinkers in America who can look at their own country and point out it’s flaws, even if it is the fault of others. One of my greatest joys in smoking cigars is just being able to kick back and think, especially if you’ve got someone else there to ponder with you. It’s one of the few pleasures that would teach an impatient man to be more forbearing. Keep it real, and God bless. R.I.P. Nana

  3. Nice review – excellent rant again!!!

    Same thing happened in my grandmothers funeral procession! Some A%&hole turned on a red light even, and just butted right into the procession! I almost passed him over a double yellow line, but I did not want to break the law while taking my grandmother to her final resting place. I think she would have smacked me on the head if I would have done that 😉


    I have said it for a couple years….this country is heading for a revolt. You can not have all of these rich people while letting others to starve and live in poverty on the streets! People o not need 800million dollars to live off of!! Tax them at 60% and use the money to actually help LEGAL citizens of our own country. Richest country on the planet and people still die because they can not afford heating bills or food – its ridiculous!

  4. Nice review- Totally agree with your politcal rant.

    Our country has pushed God out of the forefront of our foundation. Sin is taking his place. There is no other way that a country less than 300 years old can become the greatest country on this planet without the true blessings of God. His blessings are dwindling because our blessings to him are dwindling.
    God is love. That’s what we are missing.

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