Hello everyone, the weekend is here and that means its time for a cigar. This week, I am bring you the Camacho Connecticut robust. After hearing all the buzz on this particular cigar on various cigar blogs, I decided to pick one up to see if lived up to all the hype it was receiving. I am eager to find out if it matches up to the Oliva series “O” or the Connecticut by Rocky Patel. Let’s find out shall we.


WRAPPER: Connecticut

BINDER & FILLER: Honduran / Honduran

Length/Ring: 5 X 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium



Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.


  1. Stew,

    You really need to stick to cigar reviews. Your political take is laughable at best. The first stimulus plan in 2008 for $168 billion was passed by your party the Republicans and the dumbest president in American history GW Bush (remember the $1200 checks). So the first stimulus plan was not Obama’s idea.

    Obama’s recovery plan passed in January 2009, is not working as planned either but Obama has been in office for 6 months and you guys want to crucify him as a failure. I mean people want to blame Obama because the recovery money is not getting out fast enough, but it took Bush over A YEAR to get people a $1200 check. A YEAR TO GET A CHECK OUT!!! Obama’s plan is a little more complex than Bush’s was so maybe you and your cronies should give our guy as much time as your incompetent buffoon of a president got, to get his recovery plan in action. The double standard Stew shows how silly you truly are. Oh, and let’s remember one thing, it takes more than 6 months to dig out of a pile of crap as large as the one your party left this country in. But hey keep listening to Rush and Beck to get YOUR opinions instead of forming them on your own.

    Second, as far as health care, you say that every American deserves health care, but then you go on to criticize how the government is going to pay for it. You sound shocked that we will be taxed in order to pay for healthcare. Who in the world did you think would pay for it? Did you think that little fairies would drop billions of dollars into the government’s lap to pay for healthcare? If we are going to take advantage of universal healthcare then we should pay for it. You apparently thought that the government would just foot the bill without any burden on the taxpayers, your theory epitomizes welfare. And as far as $635 billion over 10 years. That’s nothing, $63.5 billion a year. It takes money to get a program like that going. The US collects over $1.3 Trillion every year in taxes. Reassigning some of that money would help do the trick.

    Here’s an idea, let’s reassign some of our warfare money to pay for healthcare! You know what the Great Brit’s theory was when passing national health care? If they could spend so much fighting wars and killing people then why can’t they spend that much taking care of their own by providing health care. We spend trillions on warfare every year. Why can’t we spend a fraction of that to take care of our own? We probably spend $63.5 billion a year rebuilding places we blow up in war. But you moan over $63.5 billion being spent on healthcare. The republicans LOVE to spend money killing people and blowing crap up, but DESPISE the thought of spending money on helping Americans. That’s real patriotic. What a joke!

    1. Scott,
      Glad you stopped by and welcome! I think you should look again in regard to Obama’s stimulus package, which he passed through. Never said President Bush did the right thing with his but Obama’s package has yet to hit most of the States. You can argue all you want but Obama owns this mess and his own VP stated that miscalculated and now unemployment is on the rise. I hope you also remember that the Democrats ran the house and Senate for quit awhile now so don’t put all the blame on President Bush. Thanks again for stopping by, happy smoking!

  2. I felt about the same with the cigar – falls right in line with the Oliva and RP. They have a VERY delicate wrapper from the ones I have had! Still a great smoke if you like mild or mild-medium cigars.

    National health care – make the companies fork over money to compensate for it – end of story! There is no reason the big companies can have CRAPPY health care packages and charge a fortune for it while smaller companies have excellent coverage that people dont pay much for. I can see having the American tax payer having to fork over a co-pay, but none of the 80-20 split crap. Companies could easily afford to pay for health care coverage for ALL Americans if they would pool their resources and quit trying to get the cheapest deal for themselves while screwing the people.

    Stimulus package – didnt do a damn thing yet, so why the hell would people think the next one would be better?

    I do not agree that the poor would get hit. There are so many packages out there that they take advantage of, they would never feel the effect of a tax increase! I live next to a section 8 house and I see this daily as he goes to work and she sits on her ass collecting welfare, living in a house worth over $100,000 for no more than 30% of his paycheck!

    Rant length is fine by me! Gets me all fired up for how far this country is going down the toilet, each and every day!


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