CAO MX2 “box-press”

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Hello everyone, today’s cigar is from the folks at CAO. The cigar is the CAO MX2 “box-press.” As you can tell from the photo, it is a truly an awesome creature to behold. I found this baby on the shelves in the Smoke Stack cigar shop located in North Providence, RI and I had to have it. I could tell from my first glance that this was a must for one of my up coming cigar reviews. Once I purchased it, I immediately placed it in my XIKAR travel humidor case and let it sit until today. I am truly looking forward to this smoking experience and I hope that it will be as good as the other MX2’s I have had in the past. Well lets find out already.


WRAPPER: Connecticut Broad leaf

BINDER & FILLER: Brazilian /  Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican,and Peruvian

Length/Ring: 5.5 X 55

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium to Full

My Observations: This is a clean looking cigar that has been constructed flawlessly. I was truly amazed that I wasn’t able to find one thing to bitch about it. The box press alone is a mouth watering experience to your eyeballs. Now throw in its deep rich dark chocolate wrapper and there’s really nothing further to say. The leaf wrapper has no imperfections, which is complimented by a series small veins that are practically unnoticeable to the naked eye. Oh and lets not forgot to mention that the cap was centered perfectly too! On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of. So what more can I tell you? Its perfect!

Cigar Label: Three cheers! The black cigar label with its silver lettering is a true marketing success to the consumers eyes. Now add in the reverse colors for the box-press band and you have a true winner!

Snip: Hole punch.

Pre-Draw: Nice and smooth, which produced a hint of rich caramel chocolate.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a deep rich taste of dark chocolate. Now this taste was joined with a rich unique coffee flavor that reminded me of a Star Bucks coffee known as Pike’s Place. If you haven’t had Pike’s Place, it rich and smooth and most enjoyable on your pallet. The two flavors blending together just spells success. The 2nd third continued with both flavors and maybe just maybe, I swear I picked up a hint of peanut butter to add to its richness. The last third continued with the dark chocolate and Pike’s Place coffee flavors and now was joined with hints of earth, and some type of spice through my nose sinuses. Truly an amazing smoking experience to say the least!

Draw: Perfect!

Burn line: A little jagged but I never had to touch it up.

Price? $7.65

Drink of choice? White wine.

Smoke Time? Approximately an hour and half.

Liked it? Oh Yeah!

Recommend it? You know I do!

Hint? Get your hands on it!

Over All




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