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Hello everyone, its time for another cigar review. This time, I am bringing you the Rocky Patel Ocean Club cigar. I would like to take this time to thank my good friend Mike also known as KnightRid on Twitter because without his generosity, I would have never had this cigar to review. So if you are interested in this cigar, head over to Holt’s  cigars because they are the only ones who sell this creature. Enjoy the video!

* Please take note that the cigar I reviewed is not the “Toro” size as mentioned in the video, it’s the Sixty.


WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER & FILLER: Mexican / Nicaraguan & Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 X 60

Shape: Sixty

Strength: Medium



Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

9 thoughts on “ROCKY PATEL OCEAN

  1. Glad you enjoyed it 😉 Wish I would have had more to send you! I also noticed the wrapper being VERY delicate! Awesome smoke though and those 60 ring gauge last a LONG time. Makes it a great smoke to sit and just relax.

    I also absolutely HATE the fact about these limited releases to certain retailers! Escaparate anyone? GRRRRR

    Political – cash4clunkers is AWESOME. i wish they would make some of the older cars available to be traded in for it also! Only thing some people dont get is you either get the value of your car OR the cash4clunkers money, not both. Most of these cars are not worth the $4500 anyway so the program is a BIG help for getting those payment down to the affordable level for low-middle income people! I hope they continue it for a LONG time and expand it to include more cars.


    Dont worry, we wont tell your wife 😉 lol

  2. Cash4clunkers is terrible. Do you understand that any money the government gives away is coming out of our own pockets?? This administration is failing us miserably. This guy is making Jimmy Carter look wonderful, and we all know how terrible he was….

  3. Jan,

    I totally agree and wished I could edit the political rant after what I heard today! It is a sham! Just learned that you can buy a Hummer with the money so how is that helping the environment? Also as I begin to research this more, I now can see that this will come back to haunt us as well in the future. Sorry folks I spoke to soon!


  4. hey stew great reviews man…..what i think about the cash for clunkers? well i own my own company so i have people that work for me and make money for me so i have a hobby i do just to keep me busy i have a used car lot i sell 2001,03,02 etc. cars…and let me tell you it was a great idea but thank god i dont just own a car lot cause it killed my buisness in cars everyone that had a used car lot was dieing from that crap a lota people lost everthing they had cause all the people that wana sell there cars and a very good prices for us to make a good profit went to the new car dealers and killed us…so in a way it was bad i feel for the people that was in the used car buisness it destoryed me i had to close shop..for example i would buy…say a 2003 suburban with 115,000 miles for $2,500 i would sell it for $6,000 now for that same suburban i have to pay $5000 for and i 99.9% of the time i have very very little profit to work with so it wouldent be worth messing with a car if were only gona make $300 $400 on a car most of the time it got to were we couldent even buy the cars cause if we did we would lose money…..the gov. did that for taxes just so new car dealers would get thoes old cars and people would buy a new car so the govorment is winning in everyway from taxes. they have to pay for tags,taxes,and the dealer has to pay taxes so they have to pay taxes on the clunker cars and the new cars so it was for the goverment to make more money quick

    1. Eric,

      I too was fooled by this shameful hoax that didn’t even put a dent in helping the troubled economy. Being a tea party member, you would have thought I could have seen that this was nothing but a sham! Just think less than 2 years and we will be ride of Obama.

  5. hi stew, nice reviews man keep em comming i have a new site that will be up any day now called anyway i just like to say i dont have a problem with obama to me, how can i say this? hes a netural kinda president hes not bad besides im a american gypsy and as a born american i respect what ever president we may accure. now people may wana asasian me for saying this but in some ways i liked bush for his mussle, but i have to say he really really, raped this country, so it really doesent matter what president we get, as it will take years upon years to clean up what bush has done while he was in office. id like to see obama run another term, give him another chance like i said what ever president we get we wont really see how good he is to this country cause of what bush did it will take years to clean up the white house…anyway awsome reviews stew loving them you should try and get some cubans to review thats what mostley im doing on my site if you need help getting authentic cubans let me know and ill be more then glad to share the best sources…take care

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