Rocky Patel Havana Corojo Toro


Hello everyone, its has been a while since I last posted a cigar review but life has been awfully busy. Ok, enough of that, todays cigar is something of a new cigar (at least to me) from the great “Rocky Patel” called the Rocky Patel Havana Corojo. This cigar comes in various sizes and is fairly priced. In my research of this cigar, I found out that it is made in Rocky’s El Paraiso factory in Danli, Honduras. Rocky has stated that this cigar is “Something Special” as he puts it and he promises it to be an awfully good cigar. So with the background behind us, lets see if Rocky is right.



BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 X 60

Shape: Toro

Strength: Medium

My Observations: This is a wonderful looking cigar that reminds me of the Kristoff corojo, which I truly love. Everything about it matches up with the Kristoff from its medium colored brown oily wrapper right up to its large veins. The cap even reminds of it and I am starting to think “Is this a Kristoff Corojo with an RP cigar label attached to it(LOL)? Ok, we all know its not but trust me once you lay your eyes on it you will know what I am getting at.

Cigar Label: Wondering who was behind this marketing scheme? Because to tell you the truth, I almost walked right by this baby until my eye caught the signature “RP” stamped on it. The colors consist of a dull mustard yellow and brown which is not very noticeable at first sight to the naked eye perusing the cigar shop. I think the only thing that saved it was the white writing! Not sure why he threw in a second green label either, that sits just below the first one? It sought of looked like a bargain basement cigar so thank God I caught the “RP” signature trademark or I would have missed it for sure!

Over all, its not much to look at if you ask me but then again, I never judge a cigar by its cover (LOL). Thumbs down to the person or persons behind the marketing scheme though.

Snip: I chose a straight cut for my smoke.

Pre-Draw: Smooth with a sweet flavor.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a beautiful rich corojo flavor accompanied by a wonderful blast of spice. Now hold the phone a minute because just a few seconds later, I was introduced to a roasted coffee flavor followed by sweet, sweet honey. The 2nd third continued with all of these flavors, which kept a full smile across my face. The last third consisted of honey, small hits of earth, chocolate, and tea.

In closing, make sure your pallet is cleansed before you smoke this baby because if not you will be missing a host of flavors.

Draw: Smooth and wonderful

Burn line: Very nice with a few touchups.

Price? I paid 9.50 for my stick.

Drink of choice? Ice coffee.

Smoke Time? This is a slow burner so put some serious time aside for it. It lasted well over two and half hours for me easily.

Liked it? Loved it and it has now replaced the Kristoff corojo as my go to corojo cigar!

Recommend it? Do I have to answer this question!

Hint? Smoke it!

Over All


Until Next Time


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3 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Havana Corojo Toro

  1. Nice review! I may have to look for one of these to try. A bit on the expensive side, but it seems it may be worth it! Only thing i worry about is the Corojo wrapper. I have had a couple of them and most have some sort of “bite” to them on the tongue which I do not care for.


  2. I agree mike, But I have found that If you let them sit for a while in your Humidor ( about 6 months) that it goes away significiantly. Give that a try. Great blog post btw- You’ve convinced me to give it a try, even with its steep price. It sounds like a perfect Cigar to smoke while fishing. as I don’t like having to interupt to light up again. Overall great post.

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