San Cristobal Maestro (Perfecto)


Hello everyone, today I am bringing you the San Cristobal Maestro made by the master roller himself “Don Pepin.” I have been looking forward to reviewing this cigar for quite along time and “Yes” because of its look and shape (perfecto). Everything about it, from its beautiful looking dark leaf wrapper to its beautiful shape almost guarantees that this will be an awesome smoke. So without further ado, lets get into it.


WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Corojo

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 X 60

Shape: Perfecto

Strength: Medium

My Observations: Just a great looking creature to the eye. As I mentioned above, everything about this cigar just looks and smells like a true winner. Now, I say this because it was rolled with true craftsmanship, and I found no imperfections to speak of. There were no soft spots and honestly, Don Pepin has out done himself yet again.

Cigar Label: Truly outstanding and very “Jimmy Buffet like!” The cigar label looks like it has every color from the rainbow and with the added “Jimmy Buffet” Parrot in the middle spells “winner!”

Snip: I chose a straight cut for my smoke.

Pre-Draw: A bit snug for my taste.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of the true trade mark that only Don Pepin can produce. If you have to ask me what it is, you need to smoke more Pepin cigars (Peppery spice to be exact.” Now this lasts for approximately five to ten minutes and then tames down to the rich flavor of wood and coffee. The 2nd third continued with the wood and coffee flavors but is joined with a nutty flavor that blends in well with the other two. The last third continued with these wonderful flavors which kept my pallet satisfied till the end.

Draw: A bit tight for my pleasure but loosen up after awhile

Burn line: Uneven.

Price? 57.00 for a pack of five.

Drink of choice? Ice coffee.

Smoke Time? Put time aside because this baby went well into the two hour mark.

Liked it? Loved it!

Recommend it? Yes!

Hint? Try the other sizes first unless you want to shell out the cash!

Over All


Until Next Time


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One thought on “San Cristobal Maestro (Perfecto)

  1. Nice review! I will end up trying one of these some day – lol I would probably try this size since i like the 60 ring gauge so much! I just hate paying that much for a cigar!


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