Rocky Patel Rosado


Hello everyone, its time for another cigar review. This time I chose to go with yet another cigar from one of my favorite cigar makers, the great Rocky Patel. The cigar is the Rosado, which was gifted to me by my oldest brother Eddie. I smoked this cigar while I was on vacation in Block Island and I have to say right off the bat, it was well worth my time.


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 X 50

Shape: Toro

Strength: Medium

My Observations: This is an awesome looking cigar due largely to its deep brown leaf wrapper. I have to say right up front that who ever rolled this creature for him, really knew what he or she was doing. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots and the cap was centered perfectly.

Cigar Label: I love the color scheme that Rocky went with for this cigar and found it to blend in perfectly with its makeup. The label consists of maroon, silver, and black colors. “Great Job Rocky!”

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Smooth with a berry type flavor.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of spice, earth, coffee, nuts and some type of berry flavor. The 2nd third continued with all of these flavors, but was suddenly joined with a woodsy flavor. The last third consisted of earth, wood, and nuts. All of these flavors blended well together and I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar.

Draw: Smooth and perfect

Burn line: Jagged at times and needed some touching up.

Price? $33.99 for a five pack at Famous.

Drink of choice? Water.

Smoke Time? An hour.

Liked it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hint? You can only buy this from Famous.

Over All


Until Next Time


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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Rosado

  1. I got a 5 pack of these myself!! I have not tried them yet, but my brother-in-law did and did not like it at all 😦 He normally smokes the Edge Maduro Battalion. I will have to give one a try soon and see how it goes!

    Great review! cant wait to try it!!


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