Hello everyone its time for another cigar review. Today I am bringing you the newest creation from Sam Leccia who is the creator of the beloved NUB cigar line. What is this new cigar you ask? Well its called the “Cain” and word has it that it will bring you to your knees if you don’t respect it. So with that said, I set out to find this beast called the “Cain” and after a few weeks located at the Regency in East Greenwich. So with the new “Cain” in my hand and with some jittery nerves, I sat on my back deck and lit it up. Now I did not eat a hearty dinner as advised by the clerk and wondered if I just set a date with my toilet? A mistake you ask? Lets find out.



BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 X 60

Shape: Double Toro

Strength: Full

My Observations: Very cool and very inviting. I was amazed on how much the sheen on the leaf wrapper draws your attention to it. Now on further inspection, I was truly amazed on how it’s lovely veins blend right in with the makeup of this cigar, and trust me you too will fall in love with it at first glance. Yes, it is the newest and biggest crazy out there right now so I will admit right up front that it adds to the desire of this creature. Finally, I found no soft spots and the cap was place with true confidence.

Cigar Label: Love the colors of the label and the location chosen for it that being the foot of the cigar. The black gold and red colors just blend marvelously together and Sam has a winner on his hands in the appearance department. “Great Job Sam!”

Snip: I chose a straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Smooth and fine with hints of pepper.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of pepper right off the bat complimented by caramel, and a nutty flavor. Now there is power there so watch out if your new to the power cigar arena. Though the power will not set you over the edge it could make you light headed if its smoked to fast! The 2nd third changed course towards leather, nuts, and wood which truly satisfied me to say the least.  The final third consisted of  leather, wood, and nuts and overall, I loved everything about this cigar.

Draw: Smooth and wonderful

Burn line: Truly amazing for such a big cigar.

Price? I paid  $9.50.

Drink of choice? Ice coffee.

Smoke Time? Two and half easily! Take time on this monster or you just might be taking some time talking to your toilet (lol).

Recommend it? Oh Yeah!

Hint? Though I did not find this creature to be the time bomb everyone raved about, watch out though because it’s not for the weak!

Over All


Until Next Time


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

5 thoughts on “CAIN HABANO

  1. Great review! I smoked one of these at an Oliva event I attended and found it weaker than most were saying – maybe I had a bum stick, but I have some more to try, so we shall see 😉

    I am mostly a mild-medium smoker, so I thought this would just kick my arse, but it didnt.


  2. Nice job Stew. Just only one point, you say:

    “I was amazed on how much the sheen on the leaf wrapper draws your attention to it. Now on further inspection, I was truly amazed on how it’s lovely veins blend right in with the makeup of this cigar.” end quote.
    Big Cigar>sheen draws your attention>lovely veins… Your talking about the cigar right? lol
    No seriously, nice review.

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