Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall


We are in the time period of life where the nights are becoming longer and the days are becoming shorter. A time for pumpkin patches and apple picking. A time for hot chocolate , sweatshirts, and hay rides. A time for children to dress up as ghosts and goblins and candy. A time for playing in the leaves and football games, MLB playoffs, NHL hockey, and the start of the NBA season. I love all these things but for a cigar smoker it almost means the end of outdoor smoking.

Now we all have options, and yes sitting at your local B&M on leather couches and a 70 inch screen TV is almost always inviting. This all sounds great to me but time restrictions now come into play. No longer can you just open your screen slider, sit in your favorite outdoor chair, and light up your favorite cigar as you once could. Now you must find the time to go to the B&M and if your married and have children lets face it, a very hard task to say the least. Now yes you can continue to smoke outside, but I personally hate cold fingers and the constant moving around just to get warm. The cold whistling against your body and the layers and layers of clothing that must be worn just to keep warm. Finally in these conditions and of course I am talking about late fall, do you really enjoy your cigar? or do you just inhale it to get back into the warmth?

Photo 3

In closing, as I sit back on my deck and ponder the days of summer, its warmth, its beauty, and its long warm nights. I think about the wonderful creatures who lurk in the day and also at night all for me to take in as I puff away on a favorite cigar. Please don’t get me wrong, I cherish each and every season but I truly love the summer because summer is a cigar smokers friend. So as I puff on my cigar and look into the crisp October sky, I quietly think to myself, “I can’t wait for next summer.”

What’s you take on the season change?



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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

  1. I am one of the few that smoke inside my house, so it doesnt effect my smoking at all 🙂 I figure I Febreeze and if people dont like it, they can just stay away, its my house and I will do as I please =)

    AS for Fall – I HATE it – argh, I hate spring and fall – give me 90-100 temps or give me snow on the ground and real cold! By snow on the ground I mean at least 8 inches, preferably more. I like to play with my snowblower dammit!!

    Alas, I just keep hoping for one of those 2-3 foot snows that we used to get, then just start worrying about getting through those spring days into some nice temps 🙂


  2. Hey Stew – I love your reviews – I must admit I prefer the video to the text reviews. Out of interest – being a regular reviewer how many cigars do you smoke a week?

    1. Gavin,

      I’m glad you enjoy them! I went back to written form due to time. I will get some more up though in the future. In regards to how many cigars do I smoke a week? It depends on the weather and again time. I would have to say approximately two to three a week and another two or three on weekends . Again thanks for the kind comments and God Bless.


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