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Hello folks, today I am reviewing one of the most sought after cigars for October 31, 2009, that being the “Boris.” This cigar was recently released by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigar company and is part of the “Monster” series line, which is only released on Halloween day. The “Boris” is supposed to be the “Frank” out of costume and I think Pete released it to give anyone who missed the “Frank” last year another chance to try it. I have not tried the “Frank” but have one sitting in my war chest since last year so this was sort of a treat for me.

Ok, a little history on how I was able to get my sticks: On the morning of October 31, 2009, I like everyone else, geared up for the release of the Monster series cigars. I learned at the beginning of October that the Regency Cigar Emporium in East Greenwich, RI was one of the only B&M’s in Rhode Island getting them. I was sort of relieved, because I frequent this shop often and have spent several dollars there so I figured that it would not be a problem to get a few for my review.

On October 31, 2009, at about 12:00 PM, my oldest brother “Eddie” contacted me and asked me to pick up two sticks for him because he was not able to make the event due to family obligations. I told my brother I didn’t think it would be a problem and headed off to buy them.Thirty five minutes later when I pulled into the parking lot, a smile ran across my face because I was very excited to buy my “Drac” and “Boris.” Once inside the establishment, I was quickly approached by one of the clerks and asked if I was here to buy the “Drac?”  I immediately nodded my head and said “Yes, Sir I am.” The clerk then asked me if I wanted a “Boris too?” and I again nodded my head and quickly said “Yes, sir.” I then asked the clerk if I could have two of each and explained my older brothers situation. The clerk turned and said “Sorry, only one stick of each per customer. “One stick per customer” I said to myself, you have to be kidding me? I only asked for an extra two and it wasn’t like I was going to sell them on EBAY or Craigs list! I could not believe that he wouldn’t make an exception. In his defense though, rules are rules and I for one understand that concept, but I personally think he should have used common sense and let it slide. So with that, any hopes of scoring some sticks for my older brother was over.

A few minutes later, the clerk returned with my sticks and began to check me out. As I took out my wallet, I  turned and looked at the gentleman to my left and noticed that he was buying a box of the “Boris” and a box of the Drac.” I then turned and looked at the clerk and handed him my money with a smug look on my face as I said to myself “One stick per customer huh.” With that I left and phoned “Eddie” and told him the bad news. I felt so bad that I offered him my sticks but he instantly refused and stated “Enjoy them little brother.” I wish I could have scored some for him and to tell you the truth it really stung my heart because I was unable to come through for him. Hey life goes on and yes, I know “It’s only a cigar” but it doesn’t make me feel any better.



WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra Rosada

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 7 X 49

Shape: Churchill

Strength: Full

My Observations: I was not impressed with the look of this cigar and found the craftsmanship to be poor. The leaf wrapper was brittle and had several cosmetic problems through out the cigar. I was shocked to find this because most of the Tatuaje  cigars that I have smoked in the past have always been rolled to perfection. Due to my findings, I could tell that this cigar fell through the cracks, which lead me to believe that this was a rush job. Hey it’s only my opinion but I can’t see any other reason on how this stick made it through quality control.Overall this stick was disastrous in the appearance department and I was deeply disappointed because of the price it fetched.

Cigar Label: White with black writing.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I went with a hole punch.

  • The pre-draw was tight but manageable. It produced a peppery taste.
  • I chose matches for the toasting phase, which went well and now I was underway.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a full blast of pepper that let you know you were in for a full body ride. The 2nd third saw the disappearance of pepper, and welcome in earth and spice. The last third continued with the earth, spice, and was then joined by a tea flavor.

Draw and burn line: The draw was perfect and the ash held itself throughout the 2nd third of the cigar.The only complaint I had in this department was the five re-lights I had to do.

Price? Approximately $15.00 (I think this varies from B&M to B&M around the country)

Drink of choice? Star Bucks Ice Coffee.

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours.

Liked it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes, try it if you get the chance.

Hint? Age it, I would say.

Over All


Until Next Time


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7 thoughts on “Boris ~ by Tatuaje

  1. Congrats on scoring at least 1 of each!!! I have never gone out of my way to get any, even last years Frank. I am a bit worried they might be a little too powerful for me and just not worth the money 😦

    Great review!! Cant wait to hear your thoughts on the Drac and the original Frank! I think he changed the wrapper on the Boris, but dont quote me on that.


  2. What a disappointing situation Stew.. My B&M (David’s in Rancho Cucamonga ) tries really hard to be fair to all of their customers. It’s pretty much get your name on a list and show up when they come in.

    I was able to pick up both the Drac and the Boris. I’m surprised at the construction problems you experienced with the Boris. Fortunately, mine turned out to be the typical Tat, very well made. The flavor did remind me of the Frank I smoked last year only significantly more subtle.

  3. Time to give a different review to cigar lovers. The review is not of cigars but of a cigar store. After reading my litte bro’s review of the “boris” I am glad that the regency decided not to sell two sticks to my bro. I guess I was lucky to miss out o nthe Boris. Not to slam any cigar store (sacriledge) but your cigar experience will be tainted by a bad tobacconist. Cigars are a gift of nature, to be shared, not hoarded, like a little kid hanging on to the last willie wonka gold ticket. I know a lot of cigar shop owners and cigar lovers visit this site, and the message to them is: don’t bite the hand that feeds you. In the immortal words of Groucho Marx “Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar”!

  4. Hey Stew, I found much of the same with this one, and will send you my last Drac and Boris for your bro! I tried like crazy, for some stupid reason, and think both are a let down. Just my opine, but if u want them, let me know!

  5. Sadly, it seems you are spot on about the Boris – released too early (like the Drac and the Drac packaging) because it is basicaly a gimmick.

    If you wanted more than one you had to contact Regency earlier than day-of. Basically you had to call within a few hours of the release of the Lucky 13 list weeks earlier and buy a box, which is what the two box guy probably did.

    Just found this blog though and I’m glad a BOTL in Rhody has this thing going. I’ll be back and keep up the reviews!

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