Cuchillos Cubanos

Hello everyone, Today, I’m bringing you a new cigar from cigar maker Don Giolito. What is this cigar you ask? Well it’s the Cuchillos Cubanos and I have wanted to try it since I first learned about it from the Stogie Review and A Cigar Smoker . So with a quick surf of the wonderful world-wide web, I quickly got my hands on a five pack for this review. So with that said, let’s get to the review.


WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 5.25 X 40

Strength: Medium

My Observations: The leaf wrapper is reddish-brown in color which sports small almost non noticable veins. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots and located no types of imperfections. Over all, it seems that so far this cigar is off to a great start.

Cigar Label: None

Snip: I chose a straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Smooth with no hesitations that produced a hint of rich tobacco flavor.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a sweet molasses type flavor that gives way to wood. The 2nd third consisted of wood, earth, and a sort of flavored cinnamon coffee type flavor. The last third continued with the wood, earth, and rich cinnamon coffee flavor.

Draw: Smooth.

Burn line: Uneven with a flaky ash.

Price: I paid $19.00 plus shipping for a five pack.

Liked it: Yes

Recommend it: You know it.

Hint: Try it, you will thank me later

Over All

Until Next Time

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3 thoughts on “Cuchillos Cubanos

  1. I snagged a 5 pack of these (kind of) locally and I had some problems with mine. I kept 3 and gifted 2. First 1 I smoked was just awesome! 2nd one was plugged that bad that I had to toss it an inch in. 3rd one was almost flavorless 😦 I am going to snag another 5 pack of these since I have never known Illusione to have the types of problems I did (MJ12 was another bad experience, but hopefully will improve with humi time).

    Great to see another review Stew!


    now there is a name for the site – Stew’s Review’s =)

  2. Hey Mike, I had the same experience!!! The first one I smoked was the worst cigar I have ever had. Yes, I knew what I was buying, and so offended I did so I called the shop and asked if I could exchange them! The second was not so bad, but still nowhere close to La Traviata that I will not be buying again. As a reference, I was able to purchase 10 of the churchill size La Traviata for less than 40 bucks. Eight of the large Cuchillos would have cost me around $35. Thanks for the review!

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