“What Is Stew” Smoking Now?

Trying a new type of project today. Let me know if you like it? I got the idea from Jerry Cruz “AKA” @JCruz on Twitter , StogieReview , and MyDailyCigar. Enjoy!

Check out the original review of the CI Legends Series here Orange Label

If you interested in this cigar you can find them at CI or CigarBid.

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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

One thought on ““What Is Stew” Smoking Now?

  1. “What is Stew” – now THAT is a good question, LOL

    Nice short and sweet format.

    I would say a big YES, the flavors don’t so much change but just mellow out a bit and take the edges off of some of the sharpness to a cigar. I also noticed the cheaper the cigar, the better it does with some age. Example…I purchased the Perdomo Cameroon Remainders from Famous Smoke and they were not very good right off the bat, but after resting for a couple months they were a decent smoke in my opinion!

    Enjoy the time off with Liam – they grow up SO fast.


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