Rocky Patel Autumn Collection 2009

Hello everyone, today I am bringing you the Rocky Patel Autumn Collection 2009. Now, I know what you’re going to say, “Is Stew on a Rocky Patel kick or what?” Now I have an answer to that, which is “Yes & No.” Basically, I had purchased many cigars throughout the past year  and placed them in my war chest for aging, so that I could give them a fair review later down the road. It seems that I purchased a lot of Rocky’s new line cigars so thus the reason for the influx of Rocky reviews. Now factor in the arrival of Mr. Liam, which reduced my free time and “bang” it’s time to hit the war chest. Ok, plus the fact that my wife has now put sort of freeze on my spending too. (LOL). Anyway, this is today’s review so let’s get to it!


WRAPPER: Colorado Maduro

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan/ Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 X 50

Shape: Toro

Strength: Medium

My Observations: I found this cigar to perfect in the construction category. The leaf wrapper has small non noticable veins, which blend well with its medium brown leaf wrapper. Upon further investigation of my Rocky Patel Autumn Collection 2009, I found no imperfections. Now on my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots and observed that the cap was placed with true pride.

Cigar Label: Very cool which went well with the Autumn theme. The colors consisted of silver background with light orange, dark orange, brown, and black.

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Slight resistance that produced a sweet flavor.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a peppery and spicy flavor that was later joined with earth. The 2nd third consisted of the peppery spicy type flavors, which was now joined by a woodsy flavor. The last third continued with the spice but the pepper was gone. The woodsy flavor was still there and seemed to be joined with a late fall leafy type flavor. All I can say is the flavor reminded me of fallen leaves on the ground.

Draw:Resistent at first but opens up as the smoke goes on.

Burn line: A nice consistent burn throughout the smoke.

Price: I paid $7.55

Liked it: Yes

Recommend it: Yes

Hint: Put this one on your list to try!

Over All

Until Next Time


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