Cain “F”

Hello everyone, today I am bringing you the new power house in the cigar world called the Cain “F.” There has been a lot of talk about this monster since its release last year as a sample only with the purchase of the Cain Habano and Cain Muduro. This cigar promises to be  a real powerful but yet smooth on the cigar smokers palate. Now, I been told that if you are not an everyday full body cigar smoker that in all seriousness, you might want to skip this one. I love full body cigars but lets face it, I tend to smoke more medium body cigars on a monthly basis. But, as always, I’m up for a challenge, so I welcome this ticking time bomb and its mighty power. So with that said lets take on the mighty Cain “F.”

  • Note: If you would like the history of the Cain “F” and its maker Sam Leccia, visit them at Nub Cigars.


WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER & FILLER: 32% Esteli / 25% Condega Ligero / 25% Jalapa Ligero

Length/Ring: 6 X 60

Shape: 660


Price: I paid $ 9.50 for mine.

My Observations: This cigar is just perfect in every way. This is because of its beautiful looking medium colored brown leaf wrapper, and its small beautiful veins. Point blank, its rolled to perfection! I just love the look of this ticking time bomb and trust me, you will too. I found not soft spots and the cap was placed with true pride. Sam really has out done himself once again in the appearance department!

Cigar Label: Awesome! I just love the placement of it and its color scheme! You will find this label for this ticking time bomb on the foot of the cigar. The colors consist of red “for you could be dead after this smoking experience (lol). and gold.

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Smooth as can be with a small hints of pepper.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar shocked me because I expected a blast of pepper and power right up front. Instead, I was hit with cool blast of spice and a pleasant cocoa type flavor. Now don’t get me wrong here folks, it wasn’t long before it kicked up a notch with the spice and peppery blast. I have to stress though that this transition was smooth, not harsh. The 2nd third continued with the spice and pepper strong hold but was joined with a nutty goodness. The last third continued with all these wonderful flavors but the power seem to exploded, but again this was a smooth and outstanding type attack on your palate.


Burn line: A bit jagged but no touch-up required.

Liked it: Yes

Recommend it: Yes

Hint: Try it you will like it. Put some time aside though because you must respect its power or you my friend may pay the price.

Over All

Until Next Time


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2 thoughts on “Cain “F”

  1. Nice review. I will pass 🙂 lol I did not care for the regular Cain so I see no reason to even try this monster. I will stay on the wussy side and smoke my mild-medium cigars 😉


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