Tatuaje Black Tubos

Hello everyone, its been awhile since my last cigar review but I’m finally back! Today, I am bringing you the much talked about Tatuaje Black Tubos. It took me awhile to get my hands on it but I finally found it at the Regency Cigar Emporium in East Greenwich. Now, I have to give the owner Mike a big shot out because without him, this review would not be possible. So with the history behind us, its time to move onto this review.


WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo Esteli

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 1/8  X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength:Medium to Full

Price: I paid $ 14.00.

My Observations: The cigar comes pre-package in a black tube with the trade mark “Tatuaje” written across it in silver. The tube is very cool and makes for a great collectors gift. Now the cigar itself fails in comparison to the tube and for some, I’m sure it was a big let down. Why you ask? Well lets just say that there isn’t anything to boast about on this stick. This is due to it’s  average looking faded brown leaf wrapper that sports large visible veins. * Please note though that I never judge a book by its cover and as we all know looks can be deceiving. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots but lots and lots of blemishes. Finally the cigar has a shaggy foot which will make for easy lighting.

Cigar Label: Typical Tatuaje label which is black and white.

Snip: “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Very nice draw that produced a sweet tea note taste.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of that typical Don Pepin peppery blast and rich coffee taste. The 2nd third consisted of coffee, wood, and a sweet tea flavor. The last third consisted of coffee and tea flavors that eventually faded into a rich caramel richness to end out this marvelous smoke.


Burn line: Jagged.

Liked it:Oh boy did I ever!

Recommend it: Yes

Hint: This baby is over priced but if you have the cash, buy a least two to reward yourself.

Over All

Until Next Time


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

3 thoughts on “Tatuaje Black Tubos

  1. Another great review man. I tend to like the Red Tubo more than the Black, but for me, the black gets a bit strong in the last third.

    I have also heard Pete say he won’t ever do tubos again 🙂


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