Newport Rhode Island “Cliff Walks”

Now and then I love to share some of my visits to wonderful places around Rhode Island with you. This time it’s Newport Rhode Island. I sure you have heard of this place somewhere along the way. If not, Newport is known for its mansions, The Cliff Walk, The America’s Cup, beaches, restaurants especially seafood, bars, museums, tennis hall of fame, golf courses, shops, and of course the Kennedy Family.

So with the history behind us, here is my story: On the very last day of April, my new son Liam, my wife, and I decided to spend the day here. The weather was outstanding and we enjoyed looking at all the amazing coastline that Newport has to offer. We then decided to drive past all the amazing mansions and dream what it would be like to live in one. Once we finished, we decided to walk the famous “Cliff Walks,” which consists of several miles of a walking path that is directly behind the wonder mansions. This path is amazing because it run parallel with Newport’s spectacular coast line. As we walked my mind began to wondered if President Kennedy may have graced this path with his family as well? One can only imagine. Anyway, I have provided you with some photos for you viewing pleasure. There not that good because I forgot my camera and had to use my Iphone (LOL) but it did the job so enjoy.

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