“7-20-4” by K.A. Kendall

Hello everyone, today I am reviewing a new creation from K.A. Kendall called the 7-20-4. The 7-20-4 is inscribe on the cigar label to pay tribute to the original R. G. Sullivan factory. I only came into contact this with this cigar through pure luck. I found it when I stopped at Randy’s cigar shop in South Attleboro Massachusetts, looking for something new to try, and the rest was history. So with the history behind us, lets see how this new creation stands up to the “Stew” test.


WRAPPER: Brazilian Mata Fina

BINDER & FILLER: Costa Rica / Nicarauguan~Honduran~Mexican~ Columbian

Length/Ring: 7 X 48

Shape: Churchill

Strength:Medium to Full

Price: I paid $ 9.58.

My Observations: I found this cigar to be well constructed that instantly drew my attention to it. I say this because from the top which consisted of a cool looking pigtail down to its long deep rich chocolate leaf wrapper, I found this baby to be just “excellent!”  Trust me, you too will. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots and no blemishes and I was truly excited to fire this baby up.

Cigar Label: The cigar label consist of the numeric’s 7-20-4 colored in white surrounded by black, gold, and red.

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Smooth with a little chocolate.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of chocolate, coffee, and pepper. The 2nd third continued with these flavors which became more defined with every puff. The last third finished with these wonderful flavors and right now I going on record as saying “We have a winner!”

Draw: Smooth.

Burn line: A bit jagged and the ash was flakey.

Liked it: Yes I did!

Recommend it: Yes

Hint: Find it and smoke it.

Over All

Until Next Time


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