Hello everyone, today I am reviewing the much talked about cigar on Twitter in 2009. I’m sure you know what cigar I’m talking about and “Yes” it’s the Man ‘O War Ruination. Now I know I waited a long time to get my hands on it but I wanted to let all the hype die down so I could score a five pack taster sampler on Cigar Bid for cheap money. So with the history behind us, let’s get to the review.


WRAPPER:Habano Ecuadorian Ligero

BINDER & FILLER: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan & Honduran long-leaf ligeros / Nicaragua

Length/Ring: 5.75 X 56

Shape: Belicoso

Strength: Full

Price: I paid $ 22.00 + tax & shipping

My Observations: This really is a nice looking cigar that stands well in the appearance department. I say this because of its shiny oily leaf wrapper which is complimented by its great flowing veins. On my finger touch inspection, I found the wrapper to be oily with no soft spots to speak of. Over all “A” in the grading department.

Cigar Label: This label is just awesome that will command attention. It look like its straight out of the movie “Troy.” The colors consist of silver, orange, black, and brown.

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Very nice that produced a peppery spicy taste.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of pure power in the form of pepper and spice. As always please take note of the power of this cigar or you will be sorry. Getting back to the 1st third the pepper and spice are joined with a mocha and deep roasted coffee. The 2nd third continued with the full body power but seem to back off a bit (not much though) that continued  with  the initial flavors as mentioned above. The last third continued to show its full body experience that had me a little light-headed and triggered me to slow down a bit. Again the initial flavors dominated this smoke but towards the end I was pleasantly greeted with a nice chocolate flavor that blended well with the other dominate flavors.

Draw: Smooth

Burn line: Even for the most part.

Liked it: Yes but it was not a “WOW” cigar for me.

Recommend it: Yes, to full body cigar smokers

Hint: Before you try this baby just remember to respect its power.

Over All

Until Next Time


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