Hello everyone, today I am reviewing the “NUB” Cain Habano. Yes, this is the same maker as the mighty Cain cigars that being Sam Sam Leccia. I have been waiting a long time for this cigar to come around my area because I am a “NUB” fan that truly enjoys most of the cigars in that line. I am expecting a great smoke from this little heavy hitter due to my extraordinary experience with it’s cousin the 6 X 60 which I reviewed back in September 2009. I picked up this cigar from the Regency in East Greenwich so that’s pretty much the history behind it. Now let’s get to the review.



BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaragua

Length/Ring: 4 X 60

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Full

Price: I paid about $7.50

My Observations: As in all the NUB cigars, Sam’s rollers know how to get the job done and put out and outstanding product. I say this because of the true craftsmanship that went into the making of this cigar. How can you say that Stew you ask? Well this is due to the way the medium size veins flow perfectly with the makeup of the leaf that was lucky to be chosen to bear the NUB name.  The leaf itself is sort of oily that is a great piece of artwork to look at. Trust me from top to bottom, this cigar is solid. On my finger touch inspection, I found a couple of soft spots but I truly believe it’s from all the humidity we have experienced here in Rhode Island. Over all an “A” in the grading department for appearance.

Cigar Label: The same as its cousin.

Snip: “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Very nice that produced a pleasant peppery taste.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a powerful peppery taste but not one that will turn you off. This flavor lasts for a good five minutes but is later joined with caramel and nuts. Yes again like its cousin but more defined and compacted as I thought it would be. The 2nd third saw the demise of the strong peppery taste that gave away to sweet leather that truly compliments the nut and caramel flavors. The last third continued with these flavors but saw the return in small doses of the rich peppery taste.

Draw: Smooth and awesome!

Burn line: Jagged and uneven but catches up from time to time.

Liked it: Yes

Recommend it: Yes, but remember its a full body cigar.

Hint: None.

Over All

Until Next Time


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