Para Japon


Hello everyone, today I am reviewing the Para Japon which was put into production for the victims of the Japan earth quake. Now I’m not going to go into too much detail on it because I’m way behind on this one and it’s been covered by several other blogs already. Anyway, I came into two of these sticks through a contest that I won online back in May and immediately gave them a try. Unfortunately time was not on my side back in May & June so thus the reason on the late review on them.


• So with the history behind us, I am now ready to give you my verdict on if it passes the mighty “Stew” test or not.





WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Cameroon, Dominican

Length/Ring: 5 x 50

Strength: Medium to Full

Price: Won through an online contest


My Observations: This cigar is not bad to look at in the appearance department but I was kind of expecting more. Starting with the wrapper, I found it to be sort of rough with small non noticeable veins surrounding it. To the touch I found it to be oily and as I twirled it through my fingers, I found no soft spots to speak of.


• Over all “B +” in the grading department


Cigar Label: Red, black, and white.

Snip: Straight cut.

Pre-Draw: Earthy.



Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of small hints of spice and earth. The 2nd third consisted of earth and nothing else. The last third continued with earth and nothing else.


Draw: Smooth

Burn line: Jagged.

Liked it: No

Recommend it: Yes, to support the people of Japan and yes to those of you who dig just earthy flavors!

Hint: None


Over All


Until Next Time



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