Stew’s Top Five Cigars of 2011

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Usually, I do the top ten of the year but this year was extremely slow here at the World According to Stew. Not expecting anything to change this year as well with the coming of my new daughter Nora sometime in March 2012. But rest a sure that the site will continue on but the posts will be limited and I’m sure you all understand. So with that behind us, lets get to my top five shall we.

  • Please note that these are only the cigars that I enjoyed here during 2011 and are not consistent with the newly released cigars of 2011.

1.Cromagnon Cranium ~ A new release cigar company from my twitter pal Skip Martin that was just an awesome smoke!

2) Pete Johnson’s “The Face” It was truly outrageous!

3) Monte Cruz Cameroon ~ The sleeper of 2011. Try it you will know what I mean.

4) Liga Privada “Flying Pig” T52 ~ Too expensive for an everyday smoke but well worth the price point.

5) Quesada Oktoberfest ~ Success!

So that’s how I see it for 2011. Again “Happy New Year” to you and your family and let the review season for 2012 begin!

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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

2 thoughts on “Stew’s Top Five Cigars of 2011

  1. I told my little Bro that the Montecruz was a sleeper. Anyone who picks one up will really enjoy this smoke. Add a nice whiskey. bourbon or strong coffee will have a great time!

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