Never Ever Forget 911

Please take time today to pray and reflect on this unforgettable day. Too many lives were taken due to this horrific event.

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Pravda Cigar Club Storied

Please note that this cigar was a limited release and is not available in stores. If your interested head over to for other great releases to come.

First and foremost let me say I was extremely lucky to have been able to obtain this limited cigar. Now I know some probably put it right in their humidor where it will stay. But for me life is short and I fell that God gave us these great gifts to have so I smoked it as soon as I could get it unwrapped.

So without further ado here is my taken on it.

Cigar Make Up:

Dominican wrapper

Binder / Filler: Dominican / Honduran

Toro 4X46

Wrapper: Dark in color with no imperfections. Little or no veins observed.

Straight cut and lit with ease with use of a double head lighter.

Ash: White with a razor sharp burn throughout the smoke.

Tasting notes: First third consisted of pepper chocolate and rich tobacco. Second third consisted of pepper chocolate and coffee. Last third continued with the chocolate and coffee with a little hints of pepper from time to time.

Conclusion: The smoking experience was just outstanding. Sad it’s a limited release but I truly thank Brian at Pravada for giving me a chance to enjoy it.

Until Next Time