Cigar Makeup

Toro6 1/2 X 52

Wrapper: Corojo

Binder / Filler: Nicaraguan 

Price: $9.50

First third of this cigar consisted of some black pepper, some floral, and hints of coffee.

The 2nd third consisted of spice, leather, wood and pepper which intensified. So far the smoking experience is a full bodied profile and this cigar is not for the average cigar smoking Joe.

The final third pretty much ended up with the flavors in the second third with little to no changes. Over all a pretty good smoke. I probably will not be revisiting this smoke due to other cigars I will be visiting in the future. Is it worth the $9.50? Yes and No. But I’ll leave that to you to make. As always just one mans opinion so try it for yourself.

Lighting and hitting Instruments:




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