Cuban Link from the September Privada Cigar Club Package

Today I bring you the second cigar from the Privada Cigar Club September Package. This one promises to be a hit as described in the club bulletin. So without further ado here are my thoughts on it.

Cigar Make up:

Robusto 5X50

Connecticut leaf wrapper

Possibly Cuban binder / filler which is most likely not the case but other than that the contents are unknown.

Constucted in Costa Rica.

1st 3rd of this cigar starts out in the way that most Cubans start. That being a pepper zing joined in with cedar and some type of floral.

2nd 3rd opens wide up with peanut butter goodness joined in with a Milky Way type chocolate and finishing with pepper on the retro-hale.

Final 3rd finished out with the Milky Way flavor, peanut butter, pepper and coffee bean.



Smoking Apparatus:

Until Next Time