Privada Ghost

Hello everyone, hope you had a fantastic week and your all healthy and safe. Today I bring you the Ghost from Privada Cigar Club. No info was given on this stick so I have nothing for you about it’s origin or makeup. Before we start let me tell you up front that this cigar is not for the beginner or avid smoker due to its awesome power / strength . So without further ado here’s my take on it.

The first 3rd starter out with a peppery blast and right up front I could tell this was going to be a powerful smoking experience. Joined in with the pepper was cedar and rich dark chocolate.

The 2nd 3rd continued with the pepper and the cigar seem to become stronger. The dark chocolate and cedar remained but was joined with leather and coffee.

The final 3rd continued to pound away with its power which at this point made my stomach weak. The rest of the flavors remained and that’s how this ghost Halloween series ended.

Smoking apparatus:

Verdict: At this time I don’t have one because the flavors on this cigar are fantastic but the power kicked my ass and my stomach did become weak at times. So at this time I’ll wait to smoke more to make a final decision.

Warning: Remember you’ve been warned, if your lucky enough to get your hands on one it’s not for the faint at heart!

Until Next Time


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