My Cigar Pack Review

Today I am reviewing My Cigar Pack cigar club. Please note that I am not affiliated with them and I didn’t receive any financial compensation for my review. To be transparent I did reach out to them and was offered one free pack for review purposes only. So with that behind us let’s get started.

The packaging for this club is nothing short of fantastic. I state this because the cigars I was given were in tip top shape due to the iron clad shipping used by this company.

Second they are shipped with a Bovida pack which guarantees not only will they be fresh but that you can smoked right out of the packaging.

Finally the packaging presentation is outstanding which is always a plus in my book. Why you ask? Because if you spend a lot of time on packaging the products inside usually are nothing short of amazing.

Cigar selection: The upside of this type of buying is that you get a lot of cigars (5) for far less. You also get 5 cigars that you normally might not have purchase if you would have gone to the B&M yourself.

The downside to this type of purchase is that if you dislike all the sticks chosen for you you’re out the monthly subscription price. Please note I highly doubt this will be the case but that flaws is certainly there.

With that stated you should be open to new cigar experiences! This type of club will definitely open it for you.

Finally in my humble opinion this is a win club. I state this because not only don’t you have to leave your house to get cigars which includes paying higher prices for less. You also get guaranteed fresh cigars with a no hassle policy for replacements if there not. Yes you miss out on the socialization that you would get from visiting your local B&M but let’s face it with COVID around it’s really not the same.

Should you join? Well that’s up to you. If your interested you can find them at:


Also you can follow them at:

The monthly cigar subscription is $34.99 a month.

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