Standard & Twain Cigar Club

Hello, today I am reviewing another cigar club called Standard & Twain. This one though is like no other in that you receive mystery cigars for you to try out. Yes, you will eventually know what cigars you are smoking but the idea behind this company is suppose to broaden your pallet.

So here’s how it works, 1st each month you get either 2 or 4 cigars a month (You pick the subscription). Then you receive it in a plain envelope pictured above. Inside that envelope you get this package which included a message to you and an envelope. containing 2 to 4 cigars.

Both of the cigars have a numbering system located on the tags at the bottom of them.

Once you smoke one you rate the cigar and then scan the tag with your phone. You will then be sent to their website where the cigar you just smoked will be revealed. No, I won’t let the cat out of the bag on these cigars but I will tell you that this company is awesome!

What I can tell you though is that I haven’t smoked a cigar that I didn’t liked since joining.

Like what your reading we’ll follow the link and join, you’ll thank me later!

Please not I received no compensation for my review and I am not affiliated with their company.

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