Elmo “Red Laugh” by Privada

Hello, today I am reviewing the “Elmo” from Privada cigar club. This is another collectors cigar put out by them that is very much sought after. Kind of a spin off of the Cookie Monster they released in 2020. As in most of their cigars not much history is available on it so I’m not even going to guess on it. So without further ado here’s my personal take on it.

Cigar Info: None at this time of the review available.

1st 3rd: Tiny bit of spice accompanied with dark chocolate and peanuts.

2nd 3rd: Dark chocolate, blackberry, and peanuts.

Final 3rd: Continues with the dark chocolate some coffee and black cherry on the finish.

Verdict: It’s a great cigar and well worth the pickup. As of this time if your a member or know one it’s still available. I do recommend that if you can get one do so, you’ll thank me later!

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