Cocoa Chemist by Zeal Cigars

Hello, today I am reviewing a cigar from Zeal Cigars. This is suppose to be a cocoa dream! Please note that this is not a flavored cigar. It has already sold out but Zeals promises to be getting more in shortly. Please note that the youtube video I posted at the end is their review not mine. I am also not getting paid by them or received any compensation. I paid for my own cigars and they have not seen this review before it was posted. So without delay let’s get to it.

Cigar Makeup:

None available at time of review.

1st 3rd: Cocoa blast with a slight pepper and chocolate cake mix.

2nd 3rd: Cocoa and chocolate cake mix with hits of espresso.

Final 3rd: Cocoa, chocolate cake mix, espresso and rich dark chocolate with the suttle hits of coffee.

Smoking Apparatus:

Final Verdict: Guys this is the real deal, just an absolute enjoyable smoke. I will be adding these to my rotation and I think you should too. Please enjoy Bradley and his side kick’s review on it.

Zeal Cigar Review:

Until Next Time


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