Twin Pines 1:16 AM by Blanco

Well it’s time to start to review some offerings from the Privada Cigar club April box. Today I am reviewing the Twin Pines by Blanco. Haven’t really to my knowledge smoked too many from this blender. With that stated, I look forward to seeing what it has to offer. So with that behind us let’s get into it!

Cigar Makeup:

No info at the time of this review available. Except that it’s a box press that looks to be a robusto 5X50.

1st 3rd: a zesty powerful flavor that is eventually joined with the taste of pine. A short time later these flavors were accompanied by burnt toast and cocoa ending with a hint of pepper.

2nd 3rd: Pine, burnt toast, that zesty flavor, cocoa and white pepper. So far a nice smoke but I have to say the zesty flavor is truly ruining it for me. Hopefully it subsides and disappears in the final 3rd.

Final 3rd: That zesty flavor, pine, burnt toast and cocoa.

Smoking Apparatus:

Final Verdict: Sorry to report but I have to say pass on this one. The zesty type flavor which was overpowering killed the experience for me. Yes this cigar had potential but due to the zesty overpowering flavor it’s a no go.

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