Primordial Cigars ZHB AKA: Cookie Dough by Zeal Cigars

Hello, and welcome back to yet another Stew cigar review. Today I bring you the Primordial AKA The Cookie Dough by the good folks of Zeal Cigars. Please note that I purchased these cigars with my own money and have no affiliation to them. So with that behind us I’m truly looking for a good smoke but 1st let’s find out.

Cigar Makeup:

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder / Filler: Unavailable at time of review.

Size: Toro

Price: $55.95 for a ten pack

Note: This cigar is not flavored.

1st 3rd. Slight and I mean slight hit of pepper, brown sugar caine, and yes cookie dough.

2nd 3rd: Cookie dough, coffee beans, floral, and bread.

Final 3rd: Cookie dough, brown sugar caine and peanut.

Smoking Apparatus:

Final Verdict:

Yes I would buy these again. Though as stated previously I am not a Connecticut guy. I state “Yes” because of the flavors this stick has to offer. Add the price point and it’s a no brainer. Pair it with coffee and you have a winning combination. Want some of your own then head over to tell them Stew sent you. LOL though they’ll probably ask you who the heck Stew is.

Here is their take on it. Enjoy!

Until Next Time


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