Paul Stulac Angel

Hello, today I am reviewing the second installment of Paul Stulac “Angel” from my Privada Cigar Club Farm Rolled pack. Truly hoping this will be as good or better than the first. I have to say I really enjoyed the first so it will be hard for this guy to beat it.

Cigar Makeup:

No information available at the time of this review. Just that it’s a robusto and I believe it measures 5X50.

1st 3rd: Wow just wow this baby is off to a fantastic start. Rich chocolate, pepper, coffee, cocoa powder and bread.

2nd 3rd: Pepper, chocolate, bread, wood, earth, cocoa powder hints of blackberry. And to my surprise and pleasure mint chocolate chips.

Final 3rd: Chocolate brownie, mint chocolate chip, pepper and bread.

Smoking Apparatus:

Final Verdict:

Find it and smoke it! Enough said.

Until Next Time


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