Half Cookie

Hello, today I am reviewing the half cookie. This is yet another exclusive from Privada Cigars so you won’t be able to purchase it anywhere else. Let’s see if it matches up with first cookie released several months ago.

Cigar Makeup:

None available at the time of this review.

1st 3rd: Pepper, coffee and chocolate.

2nd 3rd: Coffee, chocolate and rich tobacco.

Final 3rd: Chocolate, cocoa and cedar.

Smoking Apparatus:

Final Verdict:

Due to the burn issues and the cigar going out constantly, I have to say pass. Too bad too, because the flavors were right on target.

Until Next Time


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

2 thoughts on “Half Cookie

  1. i just had one that has been in my humidor,0 burn issues,0 times out and the tastes were so good.

  2. I’m having one for the first time. Burning perfectly for me and has very intense brown sugar and coffee notes throughout. I’m loving this one personally. You may have gotten a bad wrap 😦

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