Murder Hornet by Room 101

Hello, and Happy 4th if your reading this on July 4, 2021. Today I am bringing you another exclusive from Privada Cigar Club that you can only purchase through their LCA participating cigar shops. This month’s cigar is from Matt Booth of Room 101 so it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So without further delay let’s get to it.

Cigar Info:

Nothing available at the time of this review only that Matt went back to his original roots to make it. Basically, it’s Old School Room 101.

1st 3rd: Pepper, cinnamon, chocolate, graham cracker and a small hint of spice.

2nd 3rd: Cinnamon, chocolate, orange zest, graham cracker, cedar and spice.

Final 3rd: Cinnamon, hot chocolate and got fudge like you would find on an ice cream sundae, graham cracker, spice, and orange zest.

Cigar Apparatus:

Final Verdict: If you can find it buy it! It’s just an amazing cigar and I’m not one that’s usually sold 💯 % on any cigar. I just thoroughly enjoyed it and wished I had more. Blessed to have scored this one for the review. Happy hunting!

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