TREAT by Privada Cigar Club Halloween series 3 of 3

Hello everyone, today we finish off the October Halloween Privada Cigar Club pack that being the Treat. It is said to be aged for seven years. As in most Privada cigars not much info is given on this cigar to forward to you. So without further ado let’s get into it.

1st 3rd: Consisted of pepper, wood and cinnamon.

2nd 3rd: continued with the slight pepper, cinnamon, and cedar now joined with a peanut butter flavor.

Final 3rd: continued with the cinnamon, cedar, peanut butter and the nice slight pepper.

Smoking Apparatus:


Final Thoughts: This was a good series to smoke even though I only gave two out of the three sticks the thumbs up. As always it’s just one mans opinion. Please note that if you are lucky enough to score this pack the PB Cup alone makes this pack it’s weight in gold. Yes this smoke is that good!

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My Cigar Pack Review

Today I am reviewing My Cigar Pack cigar club. Please note that I am not affiliated with them and I didn’t receive any financial compensation for my review. To be transparent I did reach out to them and was offered one free pack for review purposes only. So with that behind us let’s get started.

The packaging for this club is nothing short of fantastic. I state this because the cigars I was given were in tip top shape due to the iron clad shipping used by this company.

Second they are shipped with a Bovida pack which guarantees not only will they be fresh but that you can smoked right out of the packaging.

Finally the packaging presentation is outstanding which is always a plus in my book. Why you ask? Because if you spend a lot of time on packaging the products inside usually are nothing short of amazing.

Cigar selection: The upside of this type of buying is that you get a lot of cigars (5) for far less. You also get 5 cigars that you normally might not have purchase if you would have gone to the B&M yourself.

The downside to this type of purchase is that if you dislike all the sticks chosen for you you’re out the monthly subscription price. Please note I highly doubt this will be the case but that flaws is certainly there.

With that stated you should be open to new cigar experiences! This type of club will definitely open it for you.

Finally in my humble opinion this is a win club. I state this because not only don’t you have to leave your house to get cigars which includes paying higher prices for less. You also get guaranteed fresh cigars with a no hassle policy for replacements if there not. Yes you miss out on the socialization that you would get from visiting your local B&M but let’s face it with COVID around it’s really not the same.

Should you join? Well that’s up to you. If your interested you can find them at:


Also you can follow them at:

The monthly cigar subscription is $34.99 a month.

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Privada Cigar Club Halloween Series 2 o2 ”Trick”

Today I continue with the Privada Halloween Series for 2020 that being the Trick. I am hoping that this follows suit with the PB Cup, which was a most delicious smoke. The info states that this stick was aged 7 years and boasts to be full flavor experience. So with the info behind is let’s see.

Cigar Info:

Connecticut wrapper

Dominican binder and filler

1st 3rd: Pepper and rich tobacco.

2nd 3rd: Rasberry, white pepper and wood in the form of cedar.

Final 3rd: The raspberry flavor continues along with mint and cedar.

Verdict: Sorry to say but I didn’t enjoy this one and basically couldn’t wait till it ended.

Smoking Apparatus:

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PB Cup from Privada Cigar Club Halloween Series 1of 3

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you a banger from Privada Cigar Club that being the PB Cup cigar from their Halloween series 1 of October pack. There’s been a lot of buzz about this series around the internet so without further ado let’s find out what all the talk is about.

Not much info on this as in most of Privadas offering. It did state that the cigar has been aged 4 years and is suppose to be outstanding.

1st 3rd: Right off the bat I detected a nice peanut butter goodness accompanied by a mild note of pepper and chocolate.

2nd 3rd: Continued with the rich dark chocolate, peanut butter goodness, pepper, and cinnamon.

Final 3rd: The peanutbuttery goodness continues and now I known why they choose to call it what they did. The chocolate also continued along with the cinnamon and finished out with leather and toast.

Verdict: Crazy good smoke that left me wanting more. Unfortunately it’s limited release so most likely it will be my last. In the event you can track one down do it!

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Coming soon the ”Trick” review from Privada Cigar Club Halloween series

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Privada Ghost

Hello everyone, hope you had a fantastic week and your all healthy and safe. Today I bring you the Ghost from Privada Cigar Club. No info was given on this stick so I have nothing for you about it’s origin or makeup. Before we start let me tell you up front that this cigar is not for the beginner or avid smoker due to its awesome power / strength . So without further ado here’s my take on it.

The first 3rd starter out with a peppery blast and right up front I could tell this was going to be a powerful smoking experience. Joined in with the pepper was cedar and rich dark chocolate.

The 2nd 3rd continued with the pepper and the cigar seem to become stronger. The dark chocolate and cedar remained but was joined with leather and coffee.

The final 3rd continued to pound away with its power which at this point made my stomach weak. The rest of the flavors remained and that’s how this ghost Halloween series ended.

Smoking apparatus:

Verdict: At this time I don’t have one because the flavors on this cigar are fantastic but the power kicked my ass and my stomach did become weak at times. So at this time I’ll wait to smoke more to make a final decision.

Warning: Remember you’ve been warned, if your lucky enough to get your hands on one it’s not for the faint at heart!

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MontecristoNo. 2 Torpedo

Tonight I’m smoking the Montecristo # 2 for the first time. I’ve heard mix reviews on it and wanted to give it try to give my own opinion on it. A special TY to my good friend Firas for gifting it me. So without further ado let’s get into it.

Cigar Make up:

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

1st 3rd: creamy buttery smooth with a slight hint of pepper and gram cracker.

2nd 3rd: basically the same with not much else happening.

Final 3rd: Same and due to fighting a poor draw I forgot to take a photo of the final 3rd ”Damn!”

Verdict: If you like these flavors give it a try but the poor draw of the cigar has me saying ”Skip it”

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Privada Cigar Club Ghost Series Review coming Soon

Villiger Cuellar Black Forest

Today I chose the Villiger Cuellar Black Forest Churchhill to review for you. This came highly recommended by cigar aficionado to smoke. Is their recommendation on par? Well let’s find out.

Cigar Make up:

Wrapper – San Andres Maduro

Binder – Dominican

Filler – Dominican

Size: Churchill

1st 3rd: Chocolate, cinnamon, floral and cedar.

2nd 3rd: Continued with the chocolate, cinnamon, cedar and then added with spice.

Final 3rd: The rich chocolate, cinnamon and cedar finish out this fine smoke.

Smoking Apparatus:


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Cuban Link from the September Privada Cigar Club Package

Today I bring you the second cigar from the Privada Cigar Club September Package. This one promises to be a hit as described in the club bulletin. So without further ado here are my thoughts on it.

Cigar Make up:

Robusto 5X50

Connecticut leaf wrapper

Possibly Cuban binder / filler which is most likely not the case but other than that the contents are unknown.

Constucted in Costa Rica.

1st 3rd of this cigar starts out in the way that most Cubans start. That being a pepper zing joined in with cedar and some type of floral.

2nd 3rd opens wide up with peanut butter goodness joined in with a Milky Way type chocolate and finishing with pepper on the retro-hale.

Final 3rd finished out with the Milky Way flavor, peanut butter, pepper and coffee bean.



Smoking Apparatus:

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