Hello everyone I hope you are ready for the long weekend coming up shortly. Ok, today’s cigar review is the Montecristo fer de lance 44 X 5 dark brown Connecticut broad leaf. The binder is Dominican of course from the Dominican Republic. Ok, I received this cigar for my birthday from my brother Eli which was in February. The cigar was housed in my humidor since that time at a 63 temp. with the humidity at 68. I know most of you out there like 70 / 70 but hey we are all different.

Ok back to the review, in my inspection of the cigar I found some soft spots and a hole in near the bottom of the cigar. I know first you think beetles (OH NO) which could have been the case from the cigar shop where my brother purchased the cigar but thank God it never made it into my humidor. Ok, the rest of the cigar looked good.

Toasting phase went well and this cigar burned evenly which was a plus. Now this cigar is listed as a medium to full strength cigar but I found it to be a medium at best. The smoking phase did not go so well for me. I found this cigar to be “frank” boring. The flavors to me consisted or earthy and woodsy with hints of some type of floral from time to time. The ash was light grey and flaky but there was large amounts of smoke. The draw was fine except for competing with the beetle whole on the bottom which was not a factor once the hole was burned away.

As a result of the boring nature of this cigar I gave up after half way and classified this as a shitty cigar at least for my standards.

Like it: No

Recommend it: No

Price: $ 9.95 (rip off)

Closing: I always like Montecristo cigars but found this to be complete junk.

Until next time


God Bless Senator Ted Kennedy

Please keep Senator Ted “Teddy” Kennedy and his family in your prayers tonight. Though I am a Republican and I did not share Senator Kennedy political views, I know he has done a lot for the people of the United States. I’m quit sure by now you have all heard the news about Senator Kennedy’s health and thus the reason for my post tonight.  With that said, I sign off for tonight with a heavy heart. God Bless you Teddy.



Today the Boston Celtics will take on the Cleveland Cavilers at the Boston Garden for game seven. Yes this is a do or die game for the Celtics and they must win. After losing yet another road game in Cleveland, the Boston Celtics have put themselves in another tough position. I as all Boston fans believe that the Celtics will win today and move on the Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons. Before that happens though they must take care of todays game. The luck is with the Celtics because they have won every home game thus far in the playoffs. So with that I end this post with just one thing left to say: GO CELTICS.
God Bless

Hillary Clinton Is All Done!

Hello everyone and I hope your work week is going well. Todays topic is politics so let’s get down to it.

I guess I’m not posting anything that everyone reading this blog doesn’t already know. Well just to state it once again, Mrs. Clinton quest to be the first women as President of the United States of America is over. Now with that said, I am shocked that she is continuing with her campaign at this stage of the game. Anyone can do the math and know that she is defeated and that Barrack Obama is the Democratic nominee. Never the less though, I hope she carries on and exposes more of Barrack’s hidden secrets in the process.

I would like to point out that I am supporting John McCain not because he is my choice but because Obama is not. My choice was Mitt Romney but we all know he is out. I think Mitt would have led this country well due to his background as the former Governor of Massachusetts and his business background as well. I guess the people of the United States did not share my opinion though.

One thing that will leave me scratching my head is how ignorant some people of the United States really are. After all that has come out about Barrack, people are still supporting him. This is a big mistake and I hope that people will realize this and come to their senses. The guy aligned himself with a Reverend who is a flat-out racist and who dislikes the United States of America as stated in his sermon’s to his clergy members but reaps all the rewards that this country has given him. A known fact is Barrack has been a loyal member of this church for over twenty years. Fact two, Reverend Wright has been his spiritual adviser up until Wright was exposed by Fox News. Now is this who we want running the White House? I guess we will find out in November.




Today’s cigar review is the great Frank Vincent cigar and yes it is the same person AKA Phil Leotardo from the Sopranos. Ok let’s get back to the review. The cigar has a Connecticut shade wrapper and is 100% handmade in the Dominican Republic. It has an even burn throughout the smoke and has a creamy buttery taste for flavors. Over all this a mild to medium strength cigar and can be smoked any time of the day. It comes in five pack of three and be purchased from . The price ranges from $59.95 for the Churchill to $47.95 for the Robusto. So check it out and try it. I heard a box is on the way but I could not confirm that rumor at the time of this blog.


Catching Up With President John F. Kennedy 35th President of the United States


Today I sat down with the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Today’s discussion was about present-day politics, cigars, golf, and the future of America. So here we go and I hope you enjoy it.

The first topic that we spoke about was the present-day politics. JFK said he was not pleased with the current candidates and believed that this country does not have much to pick from for the next four years. I asked JFK if he would have still been a member of the Democratic party if he was here with us today and he stated “Absolutely not!” I asked him why and he stated that the party has abandoned all of its ideals and principles from his time thus he would have switched to the Republican Party especially after Ronald Reagan became President. I asked him how he felt about his current day living family members endorsing Barrack Obama for President? JFK stated he was ashamed and that he would not had joined them. JFK stated that he attempted to pave the way back when he was President to put an end to racism, and Barrack has shown through his twenty year contact with Reverend Wright that he does not. JFK stated that in regards to Hilary Clinton, he was very concerned with the fact that she is too wishy-washy in her stances on issues that will affect America. He stated that he would love to see a woman in the White House but that Hillary was not that person. In regards to John McCain, JFK stated that John is Rhino and not a true Republican and that is clear in his past voting records and affiliations such as with his brother Ted Kennedy. JFK thought that if McCain would have run as an Independent he would have been far better off, and not been in the place that he is in today which is being a member of a party that is not fully supporting him. I asked JFK who his choice would have been today? JFK “LOL” stated of course me! After a minute of laughter between the both of us, he stated Mitt Romney because he felt Mitt was pure and genuine and would run the country as he said he would in his campaign speeches before dropping out of the race.  JFK just felt that Mitt was the man for the job and felt bad that the American people didn’t see it.

The topic then turned towards cigars. I brought JFK some Padrons 1926 & 1964 series (maduro). I explained to him that cigars have come along way since he put the Cuban embargo into effect in 1963. JFK was amazed and quickly asked if we could light one up. We both chose the 1926, and clipped and lit them. After one puff, JFK was astounded and stated “Boy, I wish these were around when I was President. I guess the embargo wasn’t that bad for cigar smokers after all!” I told him about the cigar boom in the 1990’s and that women were also enjoying premium cigars as well. JFK was amazed and wished he could have enjoyed his cigars in public places instead of always hiding them to confined areas where no was watching. I then handed JFK a box of Davidoffs, CAO’s “American” of course, Don Pepin black label, Don Pepin JJ’s, La Gloria series seven, oh and as requested by him a box H Upmans. JFK was really excited and stated that once I he got back to the White House, he would go straight to his humidor and there they would all go. JFK stated that he was amazed with the tastes, construction, and just outstanding over all feeling of today’s cigars. We continued to smoke our Padrons and JFK and I continued to talk the day away.

We then turn towards the topic of golf which was of course about Tiger Woods. I showed JFK a bunch of clips of Tiger and he stated “that guy is outstanding.” JFK stated that he would have loved to spend the day watching Tiger play a round of golf and hopefully gain some pointers from him.  JFK was also amazed with the clubs of choice in today’s age and stated (LOL) “Boy my game would have excelled if I had those babies!”

Our last topic was about the future of the United States. JFK stated “Hang in there America everything will be fine.” He was concerned with the way modern-day politics was headed and wished he brought his brother Bobbie with him because he would prosecute every crooked one of them. JFK stated that Bobbie had a great knack for that type of thing and loved America and wanted to rid crooked people from politics all together. Over all JFK was pleased with modern-day results and was confident  that the US was in overall good shape.

Unfortunately it was time for JFK and I to end our conversation. JFK lit up his Padron series 64 and stated “Stew, I hope we are going to do this again, but this time you are coming to the White House and smoke a Cuban H Upman with me.” I gladly excepted. With that he got up from his rocker and with a flash he was gone.

(This is a fictional story)

Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro Torpedo

Todays cigar of choice was the Perdomo lot 23 Maduro torpedo. I bought this cigar on the advice from one of the owner of the Humidor cigars shop in East Greenwich Rhode Island. Ok now for the review, priced at just $5.50 a stick, which I saw as a bargain drew me towards it. Well to my surprise after all the ranting and raving by the owner, I found this to be a complete disaster for me. The only good thing about this cigar was the toasting phase and first draw. Once that was over I found none of the flavors to agree with me. I found it to be earthy and woodsy.

Though I stuck with this cigar and should have followed my on advice about “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short” the misery. Towards the end of this smoke a huge amount of tar substance exited the tip which landed in my hands and mouth (YUCK). Once I was finished, I continued to have this gross taste in my mouth which I have not experience since smoking a cigar when I was a teenager and that folks was ages ago. To put it plain and simple, “SKIP” this one and pay the extra cash to enjoy your time with a better cigar. I know this is only my opinion but I hated this cigar and will now skip this line completely.

Till next time, as always “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!” – I know next time follow your own advice.


Rocky Patel Summer Blend 2008

Hello everyone,

My post today consist of the announcement of the Rocky Patel Summer Blend 2008 release. I read on Cigar aficionado that it should be out in two weeks. I am looking forward to this release and trying it but I will have to wait until each reaches the Rhode Island cigar shops. I have looked to other sources for an early review though by posing the question on this cigar to the boys at These guys have way more juice than I (bummer) in getting early releases to try. If you are interested in this baby, I read a review on it at,2344,2349,00.html

So I hope this help you and I hope the guys at come through with the early release review. If you have never been to the stogie review page, get on over there because you missing out!

As always “Never smoke a shitty cigar because life is too short”


Padron Series 1926


Today I am blogging about the Padron Series serial # 356228 cigar by Padron. Boy this is a beautiful cigar and the tastes of cocoa and chocolate will send you into seven heaven for the entire smoke. When the Padron’s tell you this cigar is ready to smoke right from the box, they are not kidding. I love everything about this cigar from the looks, feel, and taste. Now I could go into cosmetics, appearance, etc by why bother with this baby! Please I know it is an expensive cigar but put this on your list as a must try. So that’s it from here, I am going to go back to smoking this baby!

God bless


“Never smoke a shitty cigar because life is too short!” ~ Joel P. Mulligan

Red Sox On A Roll!

Red Sox continue to maze us in high fashion. Again down runs to the Texas Rangers in the later part of the game, Manny comes through as usual. Another big shot by him puts the Red Sox ahead for good and sets up another chance for the best closer in baseball “Papelbon” to shut the door, which he did. I am so excited about this team and believe that we may have another championship team. Hey its a long season but the way these guys are playing it is possible.

Go Sox