Today’s cigar review will conclude the NUB series line. So with that said, I will be smoking the NUB Cameroon 358. This has been a great line and I expect nothing less from this one. I am not a hugh Cameroon guy but “Sam” has put out a great cigar with the others so lets see how this one makes out.

Ok the description of this cigar is as follows: The Nub Cameroon comes in at 3 3/4 X 58. The wrapper is from Cameroon Africa. The binder and filler are both Nicaragua. Ok with that said lets move onto my observations. The cigar has a white wrapper with blue and gold stripes. The wrapper is dark brown and is flawless. No imperfections here to speak about and now I am ready to go. 

The snip and light phase went off with a bang and again no problems to speak of. I again, I have to give “SAM” a round of applause on how he constructed not only this cigar but the line in general. Ok, the draw is perfect and now the flavors are hitting my pallet. The flavors of this cigar consist of spice, earthy dirt tones, and a creamy buttery smoothness all around. Hell I wish I could pick this baby apart but why? when “Sam” has another winner on his hands.

The burn was even but sorry again I was unable to do a cigar stand on its ash. Maybe once I achieve this task, I will post it in an up coming blog. You know my older brother Eddie who is a true aficionado raved about all three of these cigars when I brought him some samples and of course I trust his recommendations. So with that said this review is over.

Price? $4.50 (A true steal)

Drink of choice? Water

Smoke time: Around and hour and half (Hey its little but packs a punch like a big cigar)

Strength? I am going to put this in the Medium range.

Like it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hint: Like Walt stated at the Stogie Review I would smoke the Conneticut in the morning, the Cammerron in the afternoon, and the Habano at night. 

Over All?

Until next time.



Todays cigar is the GrayCliff “blue label” vintage 1999. This robusto comes in at 5 x 50. The wrapper is from Indonesian while the filler and binder are made up from Nicaraguan, Dominican and Brazilian. The lable is blue and gold which is nicely done with a lot of class.  

In my inspection of this cigar I found small veins and small bumps around the entire leaf of the cigar. Other than that not too much to tell and it appears as if this cigar was rolled quit well. The snipping phase was easy with my XiKAR utility scissors recommend by Walt at the Stogie Review. “Thanks Walt!” The toasting phase went just as well with no complaints which is a joy in itself.

So now we are off and running and the first flavors to hit my pallet was coffee and some nice spices. The smoke continued with hints of cocoa and caramel “nice!”  I was also able to pick up hints of woodsy flavors which is a treat with the combination of the other flavors detected in this cigar. 

The burn is great with a nice even line and I a loving this cigar! The ash is holding its own and I have not had to ash my cigar a great deal which is a plus in my book. One thing I should mention though is that this cigar is mild to medium at best but extremely enjoyable so if you are a power house full body smoker you might want to skip this one, if not you will enjoy this cigar trust me!

Ok that about wraps up todays cigar so here is my verdict.

Price? $16.50 to $20.00 a stick but you can find some sweet deals on the internet.

Smoke Time? Hour and a half.

Cigar Strength? Mild to medium.

Drink of choice: Water “Its hot today in New England! (LOL)

Liked it? Yes I did!

Recommend it? Yes.

Hint: I would buy a five pack, smoke one and house the rest in a humidors and revisit them in about six months to a year. I know in a perfect world right but try it you will thank me!

Over All?

Ok the review is over now go out and do something already! (LOL)



Todays cigar is the CAO Vision Prana (torpedo) (serial # 307695) which comes in at 6.25×52. The cigar wrapper is Dominican corojo, and the binder consists of a Dominican Piloto Cubano which is cuban seed. The filler is a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco.

In my inspection of this cigar, I liked the cigar label which is all white with silver lettering with CAO across it and silver stripping (nice touch CAO!) The wrapper itself is very veiny and I found wrapping inconsistencies towards the top of the cigar which is depicted in my photo below. I also found two white spots towards the end cigar (also depicted in the photos below as well) but other then that, I found no soft spots to the touch and I was ready to rip into it.

The snip and toasting phase was excellent with no complaints! Once the cigar was light I had nice amounts of clear blue / gray smoke. The draw was smooth and presented no problems and away I was into the hyped CAO vision.

The flavors consisted of floral and earth on my palate. I also detected hints of charcoal and spiciness which is odd because most of the reviews that I have read on this cigar do not mention charcoal (hey maybe its me but I detected it!) Towards the end of the first third of the Vision I also detected hints of creamy buttery flavors. Not bad so far folks and I have to say it is living up to its hype.

So far we are past the first third and the only complaint so far is the burn issues. The ash was holding itself quit well until I wanted to show you it in a photo at which point fell off (dame!). Oh well here is the burn issue though, so take a look and judge for yourself.

Ok so we are half way there is so far the flavors which I mention above remain the same. This cigar is keeping me interested and I am glad because you are going to open up your wallet for this baby! One thing I should stress though is the spicy earthy flavors increase with the smoke so if you’re not interested in these flavors skip this one.

Due to the recent developments, I am starting to think that the CAO Vision is overrated. Besides that though, Hell its a great day for a review because the weather is in the upper eighties, I am off from work, and I am listening to the sounds of music from the forties. Yes sir this is the life! Ok, sorry for the tangent now back the review (LOL)!

The burn issues continue and I have not touched it up in hopes to see if the cigar will correct itself. So far that has not happen, so I will keep you updated. Other than that again the flavors continue but the buttery flavor has picked up a little which is a good thing for me because I like the rich buttery flavors in cigars. Back to the burn issues, I wanted you to see that it is getting worse so lets take look.

Ouch that is some “burn” issue but I think its not a reason to turn away from this cigar! Personally for me, if the cigar flavors are interesting, the draw is good, and the cigar stays lit; you have a nice cigar.

I have now passed the halfway point and the burn issue is far worse. Can you say can “CANOEING!”

Yeah that is not what you expect from a cigar with such a high price tag! I would now have to say, I know that this cigar was not constructed right and maybe the people at CAO should have taken a little more time in perfecting the wrapper to prevent this disaster.

In regards to the flavors, they stay consistent and I have to say that I am getting a little board as I am heading to the home front with my CAO Vision. I am not a flavor nut by any means of the imagination and don’t really care for cigars such as the ACID, but I like cigars that keep my palate guessing which this cigar does not! Now with that said, I would make a suggestion to CAO that they should drop the price, but again thats my opinion and I know a lot of CAO fans will say “Don’t smoke it if you don’t care for it!” Understandable but this is a review and its mine so take it for what its worth.

Not to beat a dead horse but again check out the burn issue on this baby!

I should mention (as everyone knows who is a loyal follower of my blog) that I aged this baby in my 300 capacity humidor back 2007 in trying to bring more flavors out in the aging process but it looks like it wasn’t any help. I have smoked this cigar before and as I recollect it had burn issues then as well. Again another reason that this cigar is a flop!

As I finish this extended review (with extra photos) I have to say that what started off with tons of excitement quickly ended in disappointment! I came to this conclusion for the following reasons:

1. Extreme burn issues.

2. Over priced.

3. The flavors consist mostly of spices and not enough buttery creamy flavors as I thought it would be.

In closing the only thing that puts this cigar in the high price range is the cigar humidor which you get when you buy a box of these.

Other than that, people with the drive for over powering spicy cigars will love this one. I am not one of these people and as a result, sorry folks but this is a failure and I will not be securing another spot for the CAO Vision in my humidor!

Price? Approximately $16.50 a stick (torpedo)

Cigar strength? Medium

Smoke time? About two hours.

Drink of choice? Medium Honey Dew ice coffee.

Liked it? Not really.

Recommend it? Save your money.

Hint? Skip this cigar, it’s too expensive and not worthy of the hype!

Over All?

Until next time, God bless and enjoy your weekend!



Todays review is the NUB Connecticut 354 which comes in at 3/4 x 5. The wrapper is a  Connecticut leaf. The filler is Nicaraguan as well as the binder. The cigar label is light tan with maroon and gold trim with the word NUB across it. This is  mild to medium smoke and is very cool to hold due to its size. As mentioned in the NUB Habano review this cigar will take awhile to smoke so put some time aside for it, you will thank me later.

Observations: This cigar was rolled with love and it shows. I did notice that the cap on my NUB was a bit loose but it did not effect the clipping stage. No imperfections were observed in or around the wrapper. I really have no complaints so far and now it is time to smoke.

Toasting: The cigar lit well without any complications. Once lit it was followed by thick clear smoke. I am amazed that a cigar of this size lit the way it did and an even burn to boot.

Flavors: I sensed a nice buttery creamy taste with small hints of cocoa from my NUB and boy was I happy. The logic behind this cigar from its inventor Sam Leccia was why wait for the sweet spot of the cigar when you can have it right away throughout the entire smoke. This is apparent with this cigar and I am enjoying it immensely. 

Ok I tried to smoke it down to the “NUB” and lay it on its own ash as seen on the NUB site :  but I failed! Hey maybe next time. (LOL)?

In closing go pick this cigar up and for that matter splurge a little and buy the six pack you won’t go wrong!

Price? $4.39 (single stick – What a bargin!)

Drink of choice? Coffee “Honey Dew”

Like it? Yes sir!

Recommend it? You know it. (Now don’t sit there! Go get it!) 

Hint? Light it up and smoke it, no aging needed here!

Over All?

Until Next Time!



Todays cigar is the CAO American torpedo which comes in 6 1/4 X 54. The cigar wrapper is made up of both Connecticut Shade and Broadleaf, the binder is Brazilian, and 100% ligero filler tobacco from Nicaragua, Italy, U.S.A., and the Dominican Republic. This is an awesome cigar to the eye and I was quickly drawn to it when I first laid my eyes on it. Now this is not the first time I have smoked this giant and it will not be the last, so now you know what direction this review is going. The label consists of the colors of the American flag and the cigar itself is pin striped. 

In my observations of this cigar, it is well wrapped and you will appreciate this during the smoke. No imperfections were found and you know the roller took his time on it. I will tell you that it has to be hard to roll a double wrapper and CAO has the best rolling it which is apparent. So as I continued my inspection, I found no soft spots but I will not lie, it has been sitting in my humidor for over two months aging a little “hint.” but I can assure you that this cigar is good to go right from your cigar shop.

The toasting phase went well and this baby took right off without any problems. Now once lit, you can taste the pleasant taste of leather which is pure pleasure. In should be noted though that this is not an over powering cigar but it will keep your pallet busy. The other flavors that compliment this cigar is the hints of rich tobacco flavors which blends together nicely along with the leather. The draw is great and the ash on the CAO is white and holds perfectly with little need to ash. The only complaint that I have is that it has burn issues but seems to correct itself after awhile. 

So as you can see from my photo the cigar is going well and I am loving it. The flavors continue to amaze my pallet and there really isn’t anything bad to say about this cigar. It is definitely one of my favorites and I will be purchasing a box “But don’t tell my wife!”. My brother Sean who lives in California “Hi Bro.” also enjoys this cigar and I know he would also would recommend this baby to you. Speaking of my brother Sean, we will be smoking one or twenty of these when you come out “hint buy a box you cheap bastard!” (lol). 

In closing you can’t go wrong with this cigar and it will please many of your good friends and I do stress good friends! (which means don’t waste this on avid smokers!!!!!!) 

Price? Around $8.50.

Drink of choice: Margaretta

Like it? Yes!

Recommend it? Yes

Hint: Yeah I would put a couple to sleep in your humidor but as you know I basically do that with all my purchases.

Smoke time? Around an hour and fifteen minutes and that is pushing it. Sit back and enjoy it, take it slow!


See Ya next time and please note I will be cutting down on the cigar reviews because my wife wants me to get back in shape “bummer!” 




Today is discount cigar review day and on tap is the Honduran Selection 3000 from Famous torpedo 6 1/2 X 52. This cigar consists of a muduro wrapper with an all Honduran-grown long fillers, and binder. The wrapper on this baby is dark blue, black, with gold writing as it appears in my photo. I would again like to give my big brother Eddie a hugh thumbs up for another “FREE” cigar to review! Ok, on with the review.

During my observation of this cigar; I found it to be wrapped quit well with little or no veins showing. No real imperfections were located to my surprise. One major complaint I did have though was during the clipping phase the wrapper unraveled a little but not enough to effect my smoking experience. Now with that completed it was on to the toasting phase where I decided to use the three match stick method. This is supposed to be the best method of lighting a cigar which is a slow process but gets the job done. Once the cigar was lit, I experience earthy type taste on my pallet which was rich in flavor. I also experienced a woodsy taste as well.

The ash on this monster did not hold well and flaked off which is another sign of a cheap cigar. The same flavors continued though and so far minus the constant ashing and burn issues, thumbs up to my brother for the suggestion to try it. 

Ok still in the first third of this baby and I wanted to show you the burn issues.

As I continued through the voyage of the Honduran 3000, I have had hints of not so pleasant after taste on my pallet. This is not something that a drink won’t take care of but again I believe it is another sign of a cheap cigar “sorry Ed’So!” So as I continue this smoke and almost clear of the first third, not much has changed with the flavors which is a bummer! 

So now I am into the second half of this smoke and nothing has changed and my interest level has diminished. This was due largely to the lack of flavors that I have noticed on my pallet which is the same earthy woodsy flavor. Now I know what you are going to say “Not bad for a free cigar.” and believe me, I am with you there but if I had paid for it, now you can see my point “Right?”

So finally I am at the end of this smoke “Thank the lord!”. With that said time to close out this review and I hope you enjoyed it because I didn’t.

Price: Around $30.00 for bundle of 20 but I did not see them listed on My brother won this in a auction awhile back so that could be the reason why. They have all the other sizes for around the same price though.

Drink of choice: Mountain Dew SuperNova.

Smoke time: A little under two hours.

Liked it: Uh NO.

Buy it again: Nope, I the only way I would smoke this again is due to being intoxicated and after that, I sponge another one from Ed’So (lol)

Recommend it: Yes to cheap bastards or for the purpose of giving them to your golf buddies who really don’t smoke cigars.

Hint: Even after aging this baby since March, it still blows.

Closing: Once again thanks Eddie. In fairness to this cigar I think I might like the Famous Dominican Selection 3000 better but that is for another bargain day cigar review.

New feature to my review: The over all:



Hello everyone its time for another cigar review. Today’s cigar is the ITC Spilt Decision Triple. This is a cool cigar to look at and is an eye catcher to any cigar aficionado. This cigar is made up of the following: 6″ x 52 Toro filled to the brim with Cuban-seed Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. The wrapper is made up of Habano, Connecticut, and Maduro. My inspection of this cigar showed that there were obvious mistakes by the roller when the three wrappers were combined.

The toasting phase went well and this cigar had an even burn which is about the only high point of this smoke. The flavors on the pallet consist of hints of earthy and woodsy flavors which stay consistent throughout the smoke. This is a boring cigar which is mild and never caught my attention after the first couple of puffs. The truth is I had to fight my way through the entire experience just to finish it. I can honestly say that I was disappointed because most of Rocky Patels products are awesome and this one is a true flop. Now I did like his ITC Spilt Decision Quad and found it to be pleasent but this cigar was a true nightmare. If I was Rocky Patel’s sales adviser, I would tell him to drop the price on the line and cut his losses. 

In closing forget this one!

Price: $134.65 for a box of these.

Drink of choice: Margaretta

Liked it: Yuck it sucked!

Recommended it: I think the above phrase says it all!

Hint: Sorry no hints to give on this one. Even housed in my humidor for over six months did not help it out.

In closing save your money for a rainy day this is a true waste of time and money!



Hello everyone and yes again its another beautiful day here in New England in the upper 70’s. God I am glad I was born in this part of the county. Ok today’s cigar review comes from Don Pepin and his Cuban Classic which is his black label cigar. This cigar is the robusto (1979) which measures at 5 X 50. The make up of this cigar is as follows: The wrapper is Habano Rosado and the binder and filler is Nicaraguan. The cigar is described as medium- to full-bodied. This cigar is not one that you would like to smoke on an empty stomach and should be smoked after a heavy lunch or after dinner.

This cigar was found to be in great condition without any imperfections. No soft spots were discovered by me and it looked to be a great smoke. Now I will say before the toasting phase that I am a big Pepin guy and love most of his cigars if not all of them. With that take my review as you may but this guy will not disappoint you!

Toasting phase went very well but I lost the cap (operator error I believe) but it did not effect my smoking enjoyment in any way. Right from the start the trade mark Pepin spices hit your pallet and you know this is a Pepin cigar. The ash is gray in color and hugh amounts of thick clear blue smoke hit the airways as you sit back and ponder the world around you, you begin to relax thanks to Don Pepin. 

The rest of the cigar continues with the Pepin trade mark spices and maybe a hint of some woodsy flavors. This my friends is a powerful cigar and I do not recommend it to a beginner. The burn on it is awesome and you can tell that this cigar was rolled to perfection and love. With that I say goodbye and please seek this one out I guarantee you will post me back later thanking me.

Price: About $6.30.

Drink of choice: Margarita.

Like it: Yes sir!

Recommend it: Oh yeah!

Buy it again: I have 20 of them sleeping in my humidor.

Hint: Its good to go right out of the box.

Until next time


ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

Ah, yes another cigar review in store for you today. First and foremost though, I would like to give a huge shout out to the Boston Celtics who defeated the Detroit Pistons to clinch the Eastern Conference and now will take on the Los Angeles Lakers for the World Title “BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA!”

Now back to the cigar review. Todays cigar is the ITC 10th Anniversary cigar by Rocky Patel. This bad boy is a torpedo and measures 6.5 X 52. The tobacco is Puro using a binder and filler tobacco from 3 different regions in Nicaragua. The Wrapper is a Cuban seed corojo, also grown in Nicaragua. This is an awesome looking cigar with a white, black, and gold wrapper. The smell of the cigar makes you want to light this one up and taste it. My inspection showed no signs of soft spots or imperfections. The toasting phase was a pure pleasure. Once lit, I observed huge amounts of white smoke.

The flavors at first were a little  harsh on the palate but quickly turned to hints of coco and spices. My mouth began to drool and I could not get enough of this cigar. Once again I knew Rocky Patel had his hand in this one.

This cigar smoked well throughout the entire smoke and was a true pleasure in my book. I will be picking up more of these babies and letting some of them sleep in my humidor for a while. Do yourself a favor and seek these babies out, you won’t regret it! With that said my smoke is now over and so is my blog for today. Enjoy the weekend and remember to “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!”

Price: $9.00 – $9.50 depending on your cigar shop prices.

Drink of choice: Margareta

Smoke time: Around and hour and half.

Buy it again: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes sir, go and get it.

Hint: I would house it for a while in your humidor to bring out more flavors.

In closing Rocky Patel is the man once again plus he supports of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan which is a hugh thumbs up.



Today’s cigar is the Diablo Picantes torpedo. This is a nice cigar to look at and has a great band which is black, gold, and red. The cigar leaf is jet black and the smell of it before pre-light is very nice. The cigar measures 5×40 and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra, the binder is Connecticut broadleaf, and the filler is Dominican and Nicaraguan. On inspection the cigar wrapper was nicely wrapped and I saw no imperfections.

Ok the toasting phase was awesome and this baby produced large amounts of grey smoke. The flavors which I tasted during my smoke consisted of various spices which keep you interested throughout the smoke. The ending on this baby produces and more spices which I felt was pure pleasure. This is a medium smoke and will please just about any level cigar smoker.

Smoke time: Over and hour.

Drink of choice: Coffee.

Like it? Yes indeed.

Buy it again? Yes.

Price: Approximately $13.75 for a five pack.

Hint: I scored these from famous smoke shop for seven dollars in the auction.

Suggestion: House them in your humidor for a few months and you will not regret it.

Sorry about the over size photo but I am still working out the bugs.

Take Care