When will America wake up?

As the race for President continues now we learn that America’s hero “Barrack Obama” has aligned himself with a racist, a hater of white people, and America. This person is Reverend Wright. A person who has been Barrack’s spiritual adviser, a person who Barrack has consulted with for guidance, a person who Barrack has looked to for over twenty years. I know by now that all of you have heard the hate speeches from Rev. Wright and should be disgusted that in this day and age a person who wishes to be President of the United States would support and align him or herself with a character like Rev. Wright. 

Now with this said, why should we support and vote for a man who aligns himself with such a person. Barrack has been preaching change since his campaign and the way I see it is “Where is this change when you align yourself with hate mongers like Rev. Wright?” Where is the change when Barrack will not distance himself from a hate preaching monger like Rev. Wright? Where is the change when Barrack makes excuses for hate monger like Rev. Wright? 

I thought “Change” is moving forward and improving the future. “Change” is not holding in hatred and anger for the past. So with that said, Where is the change that Barrack speaks about? The only change I see is that Barrack has been exposed as the same political figure that America has been plagued with for years. A person who speaks a good game but in reality is nothing more but smoke and mirrors.

Folks please once again do we need a person who ties himself with racist ideas in the White House? 

Please America wake up! I know you want change but are you willing to turn a blind eye .

Hello World

I would like to take this time to say “hello” to anyone who may stumbled across my blog page. I am new to this and look forward to learning about blogging. I plan on posting topics such as politics, fine wine, great cigars, sports, and what ever else crosses my mind. So stop by because the topic will change just like the New England weather does. Once again “hello” Stew has arrived.